Guidelines for Meditations, Question Nights and Personal Consultations

Spirits Speaking from the Heart at Tranquil Spirit, Moulton, Northwich, Cheshire, near Chester and Manchester

( to be read by all participants before attending any session )

Before a session commences all participants will meet for approximately twenty minutes for introductions and an informal chat. This is an important part of the preparation as it helps everyone to feel at ease and so facilitates the harmony which is so important for all spiritual activities. Please arrive promptly to allow time for this preparation which will help to ensure the success and enjoyment of the session for all.

Once a session commences it is essential to avoid unnecessary disruption eg: please visit the toilet beforehand if necessary. While in trance Paul is in a highly sensitised state and unnecesary activity or noise could be very disturbing to him. Therefore, participants are also asked to ensure that they:

-do not bring mobile phones into the session room
-avoid wearing large jewellery which may cause unnecessary noise with movement
-avoid making tapping or similar noises
-do not touch Paul when he is in trance

In Meditations it is usual for Paul's principal guide, Hai, to come through first. He will usually request introductions when participants are attending for the first time. ( The same customs apply as in any other everyday social situation. ) Isleen will then usually commence the guided meditation, following which she will ask participants to describe their experiences. She may ask follow on questions and possibly offer some interpretation of the experiences.( If at any time you do not wish to discuss a particular point any further just say so. Your decision will be respected. ) This may be followed by a more general discussion. It is possible that other spirits may come through towards the latter part of the session.

For Question Nights participants are encouraged to bring questions which they would like the spirit guides to comment on or discuss. Again, it is likely that Hai will come through first. During these sessions we generally find that a greater number of spirits may "make an appearance". The spirit guides at times seem to encourage particular spirits to come through because they have a valuable contribution to make to a discussion due to relevant life experiences while on the earth plane.

When spirits come though for the first time, or only come through infrequently, it is possible that Paul's body may, for a while, make sudden contorting movements and his voice become strained. This is normal and no cause for concern. Members of the Spirit Group have informed us that it is due to the process of blending energies between the spirit and Paul. When Hai first came through the contorting movements occurred, but the blending of energies between Hai and Paul is now a familiar and smooth process so the contorting movements have generally disappeared. Eileen is very familiar with all the variations which can occur during sessions and can offer further explanations if necessary. Please follow her guidance in welcoming and encouraging new spirits into the group.

In all group sessions it is expected that everyone will do what they can to contribute to an enjoyable and fruitful experience for all participants. At times members of the Spirit Group will co-ordinate aspects of the session. Overall, Eileen will facilitate the session. She is very experienced in working with the Spirit Group. Please follow her guidance.

People who have come for Personal Consultations generally have had a personal issue which they wish to discuss with the Spirit Group, or wish to seek guidance relating to their spiritual or psychic development. Again, Hai will usually come through first and he may encourage other members of the Spirit Group, or other spirits, to come through, if it is felt that they can offer further useful insights. They will never tell you what to do or make decisions for you. They respect your uniqueness and right to self-determination as a human being. They will also not forecast the future. They frequently talk to us of our actions creating " patterns in time", but also stress that the future is not " written in stone" and that the exercise of our free will can change events.

In conclusion, though there is obviously an underpinning serious aspect to the work of the Spirit Group, people are usually struck by the welcoming, supportive and loving feel to their encounters with the spirits. Also, a sense of humour and good natured fun frequently comes through during the encounters.

Please note that all sessions are offered in good faith, but must be treated as experimental. Also, we cannot undertake any responsibility for any personal reactions to experiences at sessions which a participant considers to be detrimental to her/himself. If a participant is concerned about any aspect of her/his experiences during a session, they should register this with Eileen at the earliest opportunity.

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