Spirits Speaking from the Heart at Tranquil Spirit

Channeling Spirit Communication through Trance Mediumship

Development of Physical Mediumship and Physical Phenomena

Our Spirit Group's main purpose is to communicate with us and others who are interested in what they have to say. They are keen to impart information and wisdom which may be of benefit. However, they have also indicated that they are also interested in physical mediumship and are happy to try to produce physical phenomena by way of providing us with further evidence of both their existence and the existence of the Spirit World.

The history of physical mediumship and the production of physical phenomena at seances has been long and chequered. We do not have time here to go into the details of this. Without doubt there have been many fraudulent practices and hoaxes over the years. The very conditions required for the production of the phenomena ie: total darkness, (though we do know of some physical mediums who sit in a red light), of course also lend themselves to unscrupulous hoaxters. However, there have also been examples of physical phenomena which it is hard to adequately explain through existing scientific knowledge.

We have been fortunate to have had opportunities to sit with some present day physical mediums such as Stewart Alexander and Colin Fry. We have seen steel or aluminium "trumpets" (cones) flying around rooms, sometimes at great speed, sometimes rhythmically in time with music which was being played. We have heard independent direct spirit voices, some of which have moved around the room. We have been tapped on our legs, arms or shoulders by "trumpets" or spirit hands. We have heard spirits making breathing or other sounds close to our ears. Eileen has watched a hand form out of ectoplasm over a table illumined from underneath with a low wattage red light and then had the opportunity to touch the hand. Examples of some of the other phenomena which may occur are: psychic breezes and cold spots, scents and smells, various forms of spirit lights, and apports. This is not an extensive list but it gives an indication of the range of phenomena which may occur.

There are now two different approaches to working with spirits in an attempt to develop the production of physical phenomena. The first is the traditional approach which involves the use of ectoplasm which spirits draw from the medium and sitters in order to produce phenomena. The approach of the Noah's Ark Society is typical of this approach. Detailed information and guidance may be obtained through the Society at its web site: The Noah's Ark Society for Physical Mediumship.

(Unfortunately we have been informed that the Noah's Ark Society is closing.)

The second approach is a much more recent development and has been pionered by the Scole Experimental Group. This has been described as an "energy based" approach and involves the blending and focusing of spiritual, earthly and group members' energies in the production of phenomena. It is alleged to be a safer approach for the medium who, using the traditional approach, is in a vulnerable state while acting as a physical medium. The Scole Experiment was the subject of on-going research by the Society for Psychical Research. The Spiritual Science Foundation which was the organisation which grew out of the Scole Group's activities has unfortunately now disbanded.

The Zerdin Fellowship

A new organisation, The Zerdin Fellowship was formed in November 2004. This organisation will fulfill a much needed role in the wake of the disbandment of both the Noah's Ark Society and the Spiritual Science Foundation. The Fellowship describes itself as a:

"Fellowship of like minded people, a family who are passionate about proving the survival of physical death and demonstrating what comes next, and learning how to live our life now."

The organisation's literature explains that: "It was Noah Zerdin who conceived of the idea of home circles coming together, as a network of circles. The name Zerdin is used in acknowledgement of his idea."

Some of the Fellowship's proposals are:

  • A bi-monthly Buzzsheet, its purpose is to inform and educate each other. The BuzzSheet will invite information, articles, letters and the Sťance reports etc.
  • The Zerdin web page
  • £9.99 subscription to cover administrative costs - to receive the BuzzSheet six times per year by post and access to the Web page and on line BuzzSheet.
  • A mailing list to keep all fellows informed of events.
  • Inclusion of Mental mediumship and other associated phenomena.
  • Training and encouragement of the gifted.
  • Arranging of seminars.

Press Release Recently Issued by the Zerdin Fellowship

From Noah to Zerdin Fellowship: A New International Organisation is formed

Within two months of the closure of the Noah's Ark Society, a new group has emerged to encourage and promote physical mediumship. The speed with which the group has formed reflects the huge interest by the public in witnessing rare forms of mediumship. It further demonstrates that leading Spiritualist organisations are not catering sufficiently for all forms of mediumship. The new set up with emphasis on physical mediumship will also encourage all forms of mediumship and associated phenomena.

The title Fellowship has been chosen to move away from full membership based subscription towards a subscription providing a newsletter to be called "The Buzzsheet" around which subscribers can focus their interests. The Fellowship is aiming to provide a service that is responsive to its subscribers needs; feedback processes are to be put in place to ensure that the subscriber's interests come first.

Openness, welcome and an atmosphere of encouraging participation are to be the keystone of the new Organisation. Hierarchy is to be avoided as much as possible with the administration having only a co-ordinator and administrator and a finance administrator. Above all the Fellowship is seeking to encourage the mediumistic development through advice, warning and counsel. The Fellowship will provide safe conditions for the demonstration of physical mediumship above all. The Fellowship is committed to seeking out those rare individuals who have the potential of demonstrating the miraculous in a mundane world.

Mission Statement: to Promote the Safe Practise, Development, Knowledge and understanding of Physical Mediumship, Spirit Communication and Associated Phenomena.

You can contact The Fellowship via the Co-ordinator:

Dennis Pearman
The Gatehouse,
Priors Leaze Lane,
West Sussex
PO18 8RQ

Mobile Tel: 07973 205183

Sitting for Physical Phenomena - Some General Points

It is worth noting that opportunities to join existing groups, particularly those which have already had some success in getting physical phenomena, tend to be rather limited.

We would consider that the following general principles apply whichever particular approach to developing physical phenomena is used:

- Sessions need to be focussed on the development of physical phenomena ie: not on other forms of development or general communication. These can be done at other times.

- It is important that sitters are agreed on the purpose of sitting and that harmony is maintained in the group.

- Everyone who wishes to sit will need a lot of patience and optimism and be prepared for a long haul! We have been sitting for five years as at November 2004.

- Members of the group will need to be motivated and committed to sitting regularly. The most convenient time for all will need to be identified.

- Reasonably even numbers of each gender are desirable, but perhaps not essential. In terms of seating arrangements it is customary to alternate the genders.

- The room needs to be in as near as total darkness as possible. This usually requires the use of blackout material. It is worth checking out through a very short sitting whether people will feel comfortable sitting in the dark.

- Noise from sources outside and inside the room need to be kept to the minimum.

- It is usual to play music at least for part of the sitting as this raises energy levels. It is important to agree music which everyone will be happy with in advance ie: to preserve the harmony.

We have provided the above points only to give an indication of what is involved. If you are interested please seek further information from the Zerdin Fellowship or ourselves. You will also find a valuable resource in the Physical Mediumship Web Site which is dedicated to physical mediumship in all its forms.

On a future occasion we may include more details as to how our own circle functions. Results to date have been inconsistent. We have had some touches and some tugs on clothing. We have also experienced breezes and cold spots. Electrical equipment has been turned off apparently by spirit energies. Members have also seen spirit lights, but these are fleeting and it is likely that they are being seen psychically.

Opportunities to Sit at Tranquil Spirit

Due to a move from Stockport to Northwich we have closed the Physical Phenomena Circle at the present time.