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Spiritual Links

The Spiritual and Psychic Forum - A Social Network for Like-Minded People Interested in Spirituality and the Spiritual and Psychic Dimensions

The Spiritual and Psychic Forum, is a social network where people can meet, share and discuss all aspects of spirituality, the spiritual realms, psychic arts and their development. The Forum's focus is upon the spirituality that underpins all religions rather than focusing upon any specific religion. It is also concerned with philosophies of life and living and the work of spiritual writers/teachers. Members will also have an opportunity to discuss metaphysical beliefs and paranormal events and experiences.

Spirit Insights

Spirit Insights aims to provide an 'avenue of availability' for writers and seekers of spiritual books. You may purchase books on line. There are links to other spiritual sites.

Online for Books

Details of a wide range of online books are provided. There is a New Age/Spiritual category and a Search Facility.

The Abbotts

Robyn and Tony Abbott provide e books, lessons, articles & channellings to promote spiritual knowledge. There is information on Psychic Abilities, Starseeds, Soul Mates, Angels, Aliens and more.

World of Spirit

Spiritualist articles and information. You will also find a link to Channellings through "Wendy Joy". We have been in touch with Wendy and her husband Barry since the early days of our own web site.


The web site of Mick and Sylvie Avery provides much spiritual information. There are spirit communications on a wide variety of subjects.

Instrumental TransCommunication EVP and ITC

Instrumental TransCommunication is the name that has been given by Professeur Ernst Senkowski, a German physicist, for the technique of contacting spirits, using any electronic means to capture the images of spirits (ITC), and to record their voices (EVP : Electronic Voice Phenomena). Maryse and John's site contains the fruits of their dedicated research in this area as well as containing information on other subjects related to mediumship.

Physical Mediumship

Donna's web site aims to create a resource dedicated to physical mediumship in all its forms. The site provide informations about the physical mediumship of today, its mediums, its development and also is a port of call for those who are interested in finding out what it is all about.

Zerdin Fellowship

The fellowship's aim is to promote and support the safe practice, development, knowledge and understanding of physical mediumship, spirit communication and associated phenomena. There are online articles. A regular Buzz Sheet with news, articles, etc is sent out to members.

CARE Spiritualism

"CARE does not offer a different Spiritualism. CARE does offer a broader approach to Spiritualism and its many purposes. CARE is much more than a church; it is its individual and collective members working together for the greater good of the whole. It is an organization of churches and individuals that have a common desire for fellowship with like-minded people."

Psychic Podcasts

The first dedicated, free, podcasting service concerning spiritual and psychic matters. Broadcasts a regular news bulletin, interviews, advice on spiritual and personal development, and various inspirational material.

Psychic & Spirit Magazine

Psychic & Spirit Magazine Psychic Sahar's free online magazine. Regularly updated holistic resource dealing with spiritual consciousness. Sahar is a professional intuitive, monthly Spiritual DIY Columnist for Prediction Magazine in the UK.