Guest Speakers

Many Guest Spirit Speakers have visited us. Sometimes they have come through towards the end of Meditation Sessions or during Private Sittings. Question Nights have often provided them with more scope and time.

Sometimes they tell us that they have been drawn to us because of our interest in them and affection for them. They have told us that such bonds are the very foundation of communication between us and the Spirit World. Sometimes it seems that Guest Speakers have just "dropped in" out of an interest in ourselves and our activities. Most significantly some Guest Speakers come through because of particular life experiences which they had on the earth plane which resulted in important learning for them, sometimes not without much hardship and difficulty. They tell us that they have sometimes been encouraged by members of our Spirit Group to come through in order to share their experiences and learning that it may be of some benefit to ourselves and others. This is often prompted by a particular topic or concern which is being discussed. Finally, other Guest Speakers have also been drawn by topics being discussed, but simply due to a feeling of empathy and compassion for people and their plight, sometimes because of an affinity created by their own previous life experiences and circumstances on the earth plane.

As an example, we give below some extracts of our discussions with "Guyee":


Q:We are honoured.

Guyee: We are honoured to come, for you do us honour by allowing us to come.

Q: Where are you from Guyee?

Guyee: I am from the spirit land.(Laughter). We like the easy ones.

Q : Can you tell us what you do in the spirit world?

Guyee: I seek wisdom. I seek teachers of wisdom. I am hungry for wisdom. Even after all this time I am hungry for wisdom. But the vastness of wisdom is vast indeed. Vast beyond our imagination. There is so much to learn. You think you have learnt a lot, but you soon realise that you have not: that there are chasms of ignorance within you. Therefore, there is much to learn and I spend my time learning.

Q: What in particular do you seek to learn?

Guyee: I seek wisdom about the main things in life, of life eternal. I seek wisdom of life, the essence of life. For all knowledge can come and go but the Eternal lives does it not? And therefore the Life Eternal endures the test of time.

Q: What do you gain by having all this knowledge?

Guyee: Recognition of awareness of who you are, of your identity, of your heritage, the heritage of all. You know our common identity, our common purpose.

Q: You are not one of the three wise men are you?

Guyee: (Smiling). My wisdom would surpass the wisdom of those three together. But I do not brag, for I have told you of the chasms of ignorance within.

Q: Do you teach others?

Guyee: I teach those who I can teach. But it is this way with all of us isn't it? That when we know something we pass it on and therefore we teach someone else. So it depends upon what we know. We should pass on what we know and teach when we can, where we can. We should be receptive as students also and to ask questions of those who have more answers than we have at present.

Q: What is knowledge eternal?

Guyee: I could learn to build a bridge, but this bridge would be destroyed in time. It would not stand the test of time, for bridges come and go. They are the work of men and the work of men disintegrates eventually. But the work of Life Eternal never disintegrates for it is the Eternal Life within all of us. Through It we endure. We are It. It is us. We endure through It. We are indestructible in our essence, in our spiritual essence. Each of us and every one of us and our common heart is indestructible.

Q: What is the advantage of having eternal knowledge?

Guyee: It is knowing that you are Eternal. It is knowing the ways of the Eternal, the processes of the Eternal.

Q: Will you ever want to come back to the earth plane with all his knowledge?

Guyee: No, not particularly. But who knows in the future? It may be required of me.

Q: Will there always be knowledge to learn? Will you never get bored?

Guyee: There can be no boredom here. For even when we possess knowledge, when we gain knowledge, we must make it our own. We must translate it. We must interpret it to our circumstances and conditions and make it manifest in a practical way.

Q: So are you learning new things all the time?

Guyee: Indeed I am learning new things all the time. But, you know, it is like if you learn a great principle and you think: "This is a great principle for life which I should apply in my life, which I can apply in my life." For instance if we decide that patience is a virtue worth pursuing, as indeed it is, and we think to ourselves: "I shall exert this patience with my collegues at work. I shall practice this patience with my colleagues at work." And we refine this great skill, this great art with our colleagues. But then we return to our home and we leave our patience in our work place and excercise no patience with those whom are close to us. You understand me?

Therefore I give this as illustration that though we understand the principle of patience we must interpret it, practice it. To make it our own we must manifest it in all conditions of our life rather than some conditions of our life. With effort it may be easy to translate it into some conditions of our life, but not others. But we must try to persevere, to make it our own, to own it in all our conditions of our life.

Q: This is difficult to do.

Guyee: But you ask me: "Is there always something to learn?" I give you my blessing my friends. We would encourage you to seek your own knowledge. We would encourage you to seek your own principles, your own sight of Life Eternal. For be assured that you are all Eternal Spirit. All Eternal Spirit as you have been and always will be. No change can be made to that. Have faith and confidence in your Eternity my friends. Goodbye.