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Channeling the Spirit Communications of Hai and Other Spirits through Spiritual Trance Medium

Introduction and Contents

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This site relays the fruits of on-going spirit communication through a spiritual trance medium, Paul McGlone, with a Spirit Guide whom we know as Hai, and his group of spirit friends known to us as the "Pheonix Spirit Group". Hai has indicated that his main aim is to impart wisdom which may be of benefit to us in our earthly life and to tell us something about the afterlife, the spirit world, which is our destiny.

As spirit communication has developed we have also had increasing contact with other spirit guides, angels, and other spirits. The topics of spirit communication have been very varied eg: channeling, development of mediumship and trance, Spirit Guides, spiritual healing, life after death, the spirit realms, the nature of angels, rebirth and karma, human experience, social issues and events, religion, the nature of God, enlightenment. Though the spirit group's main focus has been on spiritual philosophy and wisdom, we have also received some evidence of survival beyond the transition we call "death".

Another member of Hai's group, Isleen, has provided us with guided meditations using imagery which we have found beneficial for our personal growth and particularly in relation to spiritual development. Another member of the spirit group, Jacob, has given us exercises and guidance for developing awareness and mediumship. Spiritual and more general guidance has been offered to visitors.

We have published a number of books based upon the spirit communications:

Spirits Speaking from the Heart - Inspiring Communications through Trance Mediumship
This book has also been published in German: Geister, die aus dem Herzen sprechen - Inspirierende Kommunikation durch Trance-Medium

Unfolding the Lotus - Spirit Reflections on Mediumship

Walking the Path - Spirit Reflections on Earthly Life

Visitors from Spirit

Journey of a Trance Medium

The site also contains general information relating to spirituality, spiritualism, spiritualist people and the forms and development of mental mediumship eg: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience.

Hai frequently uses Buddhist terminology and he tells us that this is in keeping with his last incarnation as a Zen Buddhist Abbot in ancient China. However, he often tells us that the Ultimate Reality, while pointed to by all the Great Religions, is not the property of any one religion, and in the final analysis can only be realised through direct experience.

The contents of this site are offered in good faith, but Hai has often warned us about the difficulties of communication between the spirit and earth realms. Therefore, in this as in other things, Hai would commend to you a saying:

" As the Buddha said: "Test all things". If in your heart you feel them true and correct then hold to them. If not, discard them. This is why you were given your minds, to question not to follow blindly as some do, unfortunately."

The site is organised in themes and consists of Hai's or other spirits' reflections or responses to questions posed by members of the Home Circle or visitors. Use the menu to navigate around the site. If you wish to ask a general question please use the Question Form which can be accessed from the Visitors' Questions Page. Periodically some of the general questions posed by Home Circle members and visitors to our home or web site will be posted on the Visitors' Questions page.

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Please note that all trance work is of an experimental nature. Therefore we cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of the information on the pages of this site. You must make your own judgement.

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